DC Cycle and Racing takes head porting and design seriously. We design and test cylinder heads with our Super Flow flow bench on a regular basis, including EVERY race head that leaves our shop. Using Port Flow analyzing software, we map out specific areas in the ports using pitot tubes. These tubes tell us the velocity in the ports as well as areas of slow moving air. We also use flow strings (wands) and flow balls to see what the air is doing inside the ports. The valuable information these tools provide allow us to modify your heads for the best flow and velocity for your application – whether that is race, trail, or open road.

In addition to testing the ports, we finish all of our race heads with custom valve seat angles and full radiused seats.  We use the race-proven Rottler SG7 seat and guide machine to accomplish this. Our heads are not only tested on the flow bench. We put countless hours testing and working with our in-house dyno, and more hours on the track and on the road testing our work. We sponsor a variety of local and national riders and race teams to give us feedback on our work, and we can confidently say we make some of the best performing heads on the market.

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